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Rate my Design!

Hey guys. I know I don't post here often, but I entered a "The Office" t-shirt design contest, and so far I've gotten really good feedback about my submission. So I wanted to show it to you guys, and ask if you could rate/vote for my design. On the website, under the design, there are stars. Just rate it 1 to 4. Giving it a 4 would be awesome, but I'm not going to force you to. ;)

And here is the link to go straight to my design: http://tinyurl.com/vote4bobblehead. Thanks!

If you want, I wouldn't be against you spreading the link around, lol.


I let my bangs air dry.

I look like the mom from A Christmas Story. LOL.

Oh Snap!

This journal is now friends only, I guess. I've made a new LJ that I update everyday. It's the same as the crafting journal, but now you can add it to your friends list! (And I don't just talk about crafting.)

This journal is hereby reserved for when I need somewhere to vent. Be warned. But, it will also be used for when I find hilarious things like this.

So add sillypandacraft NOW!


Work has been really stressful the past couple of days, so Sean decided to both make me laugh AND test out the new video camera. All in one!

Another Heath Ledger Post

Just in case I didn't already IM you and you somehow didn't hear it already. Also, I am still at work because of this. Not that this is why I'm sad. See the fruits of my labor here:



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